week of September 17

Road 13 Jackpot Chardonnay (BC/ Canada) –  Road 13 winery says, “The secret of this wine is its texture; the grapes were harvested before losing thier refreshing acidity. The result? A streamlined well-balanced wine with a fresh, long-lasting finish.”
Road 13 Jackpot Pinot Noir (BC/ Canada) –  “The growing practices to achieve this wine were, simply put, ridiculous to the extreme. Each vine was lovingly hand-tended through the entire growing season. Pumpovers during the fermentation of this wine were treated more like a religious ceremony than an industrial process. The malolactic fermentation and aging were conducted only in Bertranges forest oak barrels. In short, a lot of care went into this wine, and we think it will show in your glass.” (Road 13 winery website)
Road 13 Jackpot Syrah (BC/ Canada) – “Black Sage Bench sand heavily fortied with steer compost makes this wine. Clone 99 gives the wine peppers, sage, and tannin, while Clone 100 provides sausages, meaty, gamey flavours, and body. Viognier from the Golden Mile adds fruit, fruit, and more fruit. Ageing in traditional Burgundian as well as Hungarian and American thin stave barrels for only eight months preserves the pure Syrah flavour.” (Road 13 winery website)
Road 13 Rockpile (BC/ Canada) – “The romantic name Rockpile can only be dreamed up by a farmer – in this case Mick Luckhurst – who refers to our rocky structured soils with this lovely moniker. It is this soil which contributes such character to this wine. Certainly the grape varieties give their mark to this blend, however, what makes this wine special is the place where it is grown; our unique soils at our northern latitude, in our desert climate. This wine is about place and structure; structure in the mouth, structure in the soil – the rocks!” (Road 13 winery website)
Black Chook Shiraz (Australia) – a review by James Geneau for the Gremolata website describes the Black Chook Shiraz as:  “This is a spicy little number sourced from two of the best known wine growing areas of South Australia, McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek. At 95% Shiraz and 5% Viognier, it is a beautiful bottle for those looking for full-flavor with rich aromas.  The Shiraz gives this wine a spicy flavor while the fruity cherry and apricot aromas come from the splash of Viognier skins.  And what is a chook?  Why that is how you say chicken in Australia mate.”  Sounds like fun.  I have tasted this wine myself and… yum. 
Woop Woop Shiraz (Australia) – The Woop Woop winery describes this wine as: “…a full-bodied and flavoursome wine, deep-hued with richly scented aromatics and a long, soft and juicy palate. Of lush mouthfeel, bursting with blackberry, blueberry jam and liquorice, this wine guarantees a true Australian Shiraz experience for consumption over the next 5 years.”
Ron Barcelo Imperial Rum - a review from Rumdood.com describes this rum as “… warm and rich on the tongue, with a very slight oily consistency.  You immediately taste the cocoa and notes of toffee.  There is a light, fruity sweetness in the body, and a mild oak flavor to the finish.  The rum is smooth with a capital “S”, “M”, two “O”s and a “TH” for good measure.  There is no burn whatsoever in the throat, and just a little warming in the chest.  Unlike the last few rums I’ve reviewed, there’s really no spiciness to this spirit.  It’s just warm, wonderful, and soothing.”  Click on the highlighted ‘Ron Barcelo Imperial Rum’ to be linked to the full review.  It’s worth the read.
Ron Barcelo Aged Amber Rum 
Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon

Luna Merlot/ Cabernet Sauvignon
Cragganmore Buchanan 12 yr scotch
Mudshake – Pina Colada