week of July 30

Pinnacle Cotton Candy flavoured Vodka – click on the link to find recipes.  It seems as if they are named after amusement park rides – Tilt A Whirl anyone?  I’m intrigued by the Fairy Floss-tini.  Pinnacle Whipped Cream flavoured Vodka – click on the link to find recipes.  Might I suggest the ‘Whipping Good Time’. […]

temptation zinfandel 2006

  This is full bodied, fruit forward with a dash of pepper zinfandel.  It is an easy kickback kind of wine.  I recommend the Temptation Zinfandel from Alexander Valley Vineyards in California.  It is one of my finds from my day at the California Wine Festival in Edmonton.

July 26 – 29

MGD – $1 off/ dozen bottles Heineken – $1 off/ dozen bottles Bud Light Lime – $2 off/ dozen cans Smirnoff – $1 off / 1.14 l bottle Crown Royal – $1 off/ 1.14l bottle Carolans – $4 off/ 750 ml bottle

week of July 23

Obolon Deep Velvet Dark Beer – “Dark beer with a sweet flavor, full of pleasant aromas and the taste of caramel malt. Goes well with sweet and spicy dishes.” – tasting note from Obolon website. Nemiroff Lex Vodka – this is a very smooth vodka.  It can definitely be consumed on its own without any mix.  Serve […]

The holy trinity 2004

One night I went to a steak house in the city and described to the waiter the characteristics of what I was looking for in the wine I wished to consume.  I asked for a wine that was full bodied,  jammy, smooth, with a clean long finish.  He brought out The Holy Trinity and based […]

Monday 19 July – Thursday 22 July

This week’s special is only advertised on the website or through the weekly newsletter  and will run Monday 19 July through Thursday 22 July. Brewhouse 24 can suitcase – $2.00 off Bacardi white 750ml – $4.00 off/bottle Crown Royal 750ml – $5.00 off/bottle Smirnoff Ice $2.00 off/ dozen bottles and $1.00 off/ 4 pack Schmitt […]