week of July 23

Obolon Deep Velvet Dark Beer – “Dark beer with a sweet flavor, full of pleasant aromas and the taste of caramel malt. Goes well with sweet and spicy dishes.” – tasting note from Obolon website.
Nemiroff Lex Vodka – this is a very smooth vodka.  It can definitely be consumed on its own without any mix.  Serve chilled.  I hear Lady Gaga drinks this.  :)
Nemiroff Cranberry & Brandy Liqueur – this is soooo gooood.  It could definitely prove to be dangerous.  Drink it over ice or use it as a base for cocktails – maybe a new twist on the Cosmopolitan?
Pinnacle Root Beer Vodka – this vodka is distilled in France.  Click on the link to discover new and interesting recipes for root beer vodka.  Some of these recipes look gooood!

Michel Torino Cuma Organic Malbec
Fresita Sparkling Wine  – a strawberry infused sparkling wine. 
Absolut Citron
Aberlour Highland Scotch