BEER ON SALE!! Thursday June 30 – Saturday July 2 Come out and celebrate Canada Day!! Beers we will have on sale are: Brewhouse suitcase Corona dozen bottles Heineken dozen bottles MGD dozen bottles Stella dozen bottles Bud Light Lime dozen cans Grasshopper 15 can pack Traditional Ale 15 can pack Grasshopper dozen bottles Traditional […]

the New Grower’s Ciders

  Thursday June 30 (4pm – 8pm) come in to CJ’s and sample the new flavours from Grower’s Ciders.  This year it is Mango and Saskatoon Berry.

week of June 24

Mirador 12 month oak aged Shiraz-Cabernet-Tempranillo (Spain) The Show Malbec (Argentina) Bruichladich Peat Scotch (Scotland) PumpHouse Blueberry Ale Jack & Cola (ready to drink) Church & State Merlot (Canada)

Bacardi Torched Cherry rum

Wondering what wonderful things you can make with the Bacardi Torched Cherry rum? Torched Cherry & Cola 1.5 oz Torched Cherry rum 4.5 oz cola 1 lime wedge Fill a highball glass with ice, pour in rum and top with cola.  Garnish with maraschino cherry or lime wedge. Too boring?  How about – Torched Cherry […]

Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale

’16 employees banded together, and risked it all to keep a great Western Canadian brewing tradition alive by brewing the best beer possible.’  (Great Western Brewing Company) Friday June 24 (4pm – 8pm) come in and try the Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale.  From the 16 guys that brought you Brewhouse.

week of June 17

Bacardi rum and cola – ready to drink (473ml can) Hoegaarden beer Pumphouse Blueberry Ale Growers Mango cider Growers Saskatoon Berry cider TGIFriday’s Frozen Orange Dream Laphroaig quarter cask single malt scotch