week of 25 May 2012

SkinnyGrape Pinot Grigio (Canada) – “This light-bodied wine has a soft approach, a clean, pure fruit expression, and a splash of refreshment.  Tree-fruit flavours of apple, pear, yellow plum and a touch of citrus dance on the palate and linger through on the finish.”  tasting notes    This wine has 80 calories for a 5oz glass […]

week of May 11, 2012

Naked Grape Moscato (Canada) – sweetness = 02 Tercos Torrontes (Argentina) – “Torrontes is a white grape characteristic of Argentina.  This new wine from Tercos is dry and refreshing with flavours of grapefruit, peach, apple, melon and pineapple.”  (tasting notes) Tercos Bonarda (Argentina) – “Bonarda is the second most planted grape variety in Argentina (after […]