Cathedral Cellar Triptych 2006

The Cathedral Cellar Triptych is a blend of Noble red varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz.  It is full bodied with rich ripe fruit that is balanced with French oak.  The 2006 is a definite pick for me.  Not too fruity not too dry.  Full and complex.  Nick Lees of ‘Wine Picks’ (Sept 15) […]

Pinnacle Melon Vodka

We just brought in the Pinnacle Melon Vodka this week and I’m sure there are many people wondering what to do with it – other than mix it with Club Soda that is.  Here are some recipe ideas.  (I didn’t think these up all on my own either.  They are from the Pinnacle Vodka website.  […]

week of October 8

Pinnacle Melon Vodka Elephant Island Black Currant Wine – Naramata, BC Oyster Bay Pinot Noir – New Zealand Singleton of Glendullan Single Malt Whisky

Cafe Culture Pinotage 2009

The tasting notes for the Cafe Culture Pinotage mention “…a distinct coffee character.  Pinotage grapes have been persuaded to show an often hidden mocha flavour – nothing is added and nothing is taken away.”  Unfortunately I didn’t taste the mocha/ coffee flavours.  I’m not saying those flavours aren’t there, I just couldn’t taste them.  I […]

October In-Store specials

Stock up for the holidays October 1 – 15 Smirnoff vodka 750 ml (Glass and Plastic)  save $3.95/bottle October 1 – 31 Crown Royal rye 750 ml – save $5.00/bottle Captain Morgan Spiced rum 750 ml – save $3.95/bottle